Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candy Christmas Tree Update

The saga continues. My mom was nice enough to get me new lights today, but she got the only white Christmas tree lights Kmart had left, garland lights. In case you are ever looking, garland lights are not the same thing. The 300 light strand was as long as a 100 light standard strand. The bulbs are clustered much closer together.

So after checking CVS, Kmart, and Home Depot, I go to target tonight. They only have three boxes of 50 white lights left. I bought all three and they just BARELY covered the tree. Note to self, buy white lights early. Spencer prefers colored lights, but I think they are tacky. Judging by the number of colored light boxes left on the shelves, I would say most people agree with me.

And finally, my candy inspired Christmas tree! (Which at one point had gumdrop garland.. but it was too heavy for the little tree branches).


 Next Time: Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


  1. big fat colored lights are the best muahahahaha

  2. I have white lights on my tree too (always had them growing up). My husband complains every year after the tree is done that "it would look better with colored lights!" because his mom put colored lights on their tree growing up. So I totally understand! XOXO