Monday, December 12, 2011

First Post!


I decided to start this blog to provide our family and friends around the country with wedding and milestone updates for Spencer and me. However, I love food blogs and baking so I am sure there will be plenty of recipe review posts as well. I am into healthy cooking for meals, but make wonderfully fattening desserts. I also love to decorate, so once we have our own "nest" home decor will be a big topic.

Tonight I worked on decorating a mini Christmas tree (covered in fake snow from the Farmer's Market), but the lights were these large horrible pine cones bulbs left over from a larger tree last year. After I put the lights on the tree looked great, but once the ornaments were on it was too busy. I took everything down, and later this week I will attempt round 2 with standard tree lights. My success for the evening: tree topper bow.

And if anyone was curious, the glitter from this ribbon is all over me, the couch, the floor aaand the dog...

I also think I need a better camera if I am going to do this blog thing successfully (hint, hint).

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